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Chamber of Commerce

Be Active! It's Your Post. Most of all-Have fun. Veterans never stop serving!

Bruce Kaiser

Post 205 Webmaster

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Steve Sez:

Steve Robillard

Sargent At Arms

Dennis J. Becker

American Legion Post 205

Bluffton, South Carolina

Happy Thanksgiving. 

Remember - It's not what's on the table. It's who's at the table (present or in our hearts). We have so much to be thankful for. Your participation at our Vet's Cafe may have made a vet's life a little brighter. Thank you.

Jannie & Mike Miranda, want to wish all the Officers, Members and their Families a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

Mike Miranda
Post Adjutant 

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Adjutant's Message

Mike Miranda

Adjutant, Post 205

Commander’s Call to Action!

To the Post 205 Membership Post 205, Bluffton has grown to a point where there are so many more activities and responsibilities that we must reach out to you for your participation. I don’t want to demand something from you; I don’t want to plead or beg you; but I do want you to come forward and volunteer your time, energy and your smarts to be active with the Legion. As a Legionnaire you are expected to do something, no matter how small the task - a lot of small things add up to be a substantial effort on our collective part. You should get involved in one or two activities, that would be a big help! This is what you are expected to do! You joined the American Legion to serve the community. There are so many ways you can serve the American Legion like placing flags in front of headstones for Memorial Day or taking part in Retirement Flag Ceremonies on Flag Day. You could donate funds to Fisher House in Charleston to help hospitalized veterans and their families. You could be a part of the Veterans’ Day parade in Bluffton. You could volunteer to help young military families in Beaufort for their needs with small babies and children. And the list goes on and on. As with any civic or social organization your officers and a few member volunteers can’t do it all. Simply put – We need YOU. Are we over committed with our activities? Our First Vice Commander recently announced that there are 158 members in Post 205. That is an impressive number. But if all our members participate in some way, even in a small way, we can do more than we are doing now. The Legion has reached out over the years to establish contacts to the local high schools for the annual American Legion speech contest; established a liaison with the Bluffton Police Department and the Bluffton Fire Department; and coordinated with the Town of Bluffton for the annual Veterans’ Day Parade. We are no strangers to the Town of Bluffton. Our ties to the community are becoming stronger every year. With your time, help and a small effort we can truly become a better organization of service to the Bluffton community. Giving back to the community is what we do.

Commander David A. Robbins,

 American Legion, Post 205, Bluffton, SC

Military Birthdays

Army: 14, June 1775

Navy: 13 October 1775

Marines: 10 November 1798

Air Force: 18 September 1947

Coast Guard: 4 August 1790

​Merchant Marines: 12 June 1775


  • The next Monthly Post Meeting will be live at Rose Hill Golf Clubhouse on December 7, 2021 at 1300 for lunch and 1400 for the meeting. Look for Adjutant Miranda's email with meeting details.
  •  The next Post 205 Officer's Meeting is Thursday, December 2, 2021 at 1300 at Rose Hill Golf Clubhouse.​
  • The next Vet's Cafe will be at the Benton House Friday, December 17, 2021 at 10:30. Masks and proof of vaccinations required.​​​
  •                     Support American Legion Post 205 'Wreaths Across America' campaign.

                             A 2021 Thanksgiving Day Message from the Commander

To the men and women of American Legion Post 205, Bluffton, I want to wish everyone a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. I am personally  thankful and grateful for the efforts and sacrifice that members have made to Post 205 in the past year, even as the threat of the pandemic loomed over us.

American Legion members continue to serve today whether clearing brush in a cemetery; posting flags at veteran’s gravesites; or going door to door to hand out flyers. They are the personification of Duty, Honor, Country where every task is approached with the same energy and dedication. This is a true reflection of the modern American Legion. Your selfless service is recognized and greatly appreciated – both past and present!

When you sit down to give thanks, remember those that serve you. Remember the firefighters and police officers that put their lives on the line everyday for you and me. Remember the dedicated teachers and medical staffs that serve this community. Be thankful for each other, whether you served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard or Merchant Marine. We are indeed ONE in spirit with a central purpose to serve our community.                     Happy Thanksgiving!

DAVID A. ROBBINS, Commander          American Legion Post 205, Bluffton, SC