Officer Rodriguez is the department's K-9 handler and supervises all four K-9 teams. He is also the department's liaison with the Hispanic community and has built significant trust between the community and the police.

Officer Rodriguez continuously improves himself by taking leadership, firearms instructor, and various technical courses. He runs the training program for the K-9 units.

He recently responded to a need for his K-9 tracking skills in locating an emotionally disturbed person near Hardeeville. He found the person in the woods with severe self-inflicted wrist lacerations. He assisted in providing medical treatment which saved the person’s life.

Officer Rodriguez participates in community events and helps build trust between the police and the community. He is highly respected by both the community and his peers.

Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer

Each year The American Legion, Department of South Carolina, presents the Department Law Enforcement Officer Award to an outstanding Law Enforcement Officer from the State of South Carolina. The nominee cannot be a member of The American Legion. All law enforcement officers are eligible if they meet the following requirements:

  • Devotion to law enforcement duties.

  • Self-improvement through educational training in law enforcement.

  • Outstanding police action above and beyond the call of duty during the past year.

  • Appearance and ability to sell law enforcement publicly.

The Post 205 nominee will be selected by the Bluffton Police Chief.

The Department Law and Order Sub-Committee will select the winner and their decision will be final. There will be no appeal and their deliberations will be conducted in Executive Session.

All nominations must be received in Department Headquarters by February 15.

The Post 205 coordinator for this award is our Adjutant, Mike Miranda.

2019 Nominee

The Bluffton Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer nominee for 2019 is Jason Rodriguez. Bluffton Chief of Police, Christopher Chapmond, wrote the following recommendation for Officer Rodriguez