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Veterans Memorial

Happy 76thBirthday!

United States Air Force

​18 September 1947

Paul Reinhard

1st Vice Commander

Membership Chairman

Oratorical Scholarship 

Bruce Kaiser


David A. Robbins



Operation Wipeout

American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program

To: Dennis J. Becker Post 205 Officers and Members

​​The purpose of The American Legion High School Oratorical Scholarship Program, "A Constitutional Speech Contest", is to develop a deeper knowledge and appreciation of the Constitution of the United States on the part of high school students. Other objectives of the contest include the development of leadership skills, the ability to think and speak clearly and intelligently, and the preparation for acceptance of the duties and responsibilities, the rights, and privileges of American citizenship.

2024 Scholarship prizes are awarded at each level:
Post 205, Bluffton: $100 for first place, $50 for second and $50 for third
Quadrant: $1,000 for first, $500 for second
State Level: $2,500 for first, $1,500 for second and $750 for third and fourth
National Competition: $25,000 for first, $22,500 for second, and $20,000 for third

A contestant must give both their prepared oration and the assigned topic discourse to receive the scholarship.

American Legion Post 205 solicits contestants from Bluffton High School, May River High School, The Cross School, and Hilton Head Christian Academy. The schedule and venue for this 
event is determined by the committee. 

​Proud Member of the

Bluffton Chamber of Commerece


Bruce Kaiser

Post 205 Webmaster


Dennis J. Becker

American Legion Post 205

Bluffton, South Carolina

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2023Post 205 Charity Golf Tournament

​The 2023 Post 205 Charity Golf Tournament is officially underway. We are having a follow up involvement meeting at the Hilton Head Lakes Golf Club. We will be getting an idea of what we will need to do that will make the 2023 tournament one that will give all participants a tournament to remember. Everyone has some sort of skill set that will make a contribution to the Tournament. We definitely make a difference in the lives of veterans and their families. We also make a difference to students of families that receive the scholarships that come from contributions from the Tournament. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and contributions. 

Update 9\17\2023: Successful Tournament. Once the dust settles there will be details forthcoming. Again, Thank you to all that participated, our donors, our sponsors and most of all, the hard working committee and the Auxiliary 205 for all they did.

Bruce Kaiser, Chairman

​Michael Miranda Co-Chairman

To: Dennis J. Becker Post 205 Officers and Members

From: Paul Reinhard, 1st Vice Commander, Membership Chairman

Subject: 2024 Fiscal Year and Post Dues

The American Legion fiscal year begins each January 1 and ends December. In the past, you have received dues reminders from National Headquarters asking you to send your renewal to National (or Department of SC). Expect to begin receiving these soon asking for payment of 2024 dues.
Please use these reminders to stimulate you to send your dues directly to the Post.
We ask instead that you send your 2023 dues directly to the post. When you send your dues to the Post, we receive our share ($41) immediately and can use the income to fund our many programs. If you send to National, we do not receive our share for 2-3 months!
Please send your dues in this manner:
Make out your check for $75 to American Legion Post 205. Send you check to: American Legion Post 205, PO Box 2376, Bluffton, SC 29910.


To the American Legion Post 205 Membership,                                                                       
“Operation Wipeout” is now two years old, and Post 205 will continue to provide Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) and the Training Depot at Parris Island items that they need. The items needed by the young military families continue to be baby diapers. Our goal has been to provide at least $1,000. worth of diapers of varying sizes on an annual basis. 

Your charitable contribution will go a long way in helping these young military families. We hope to make delivery of the diapers each spring. The “Operation Wipeout” Committee already has a pretty good idea of the diaper sizes the families require so there should be no problems. If we should require assistance regarding the transportation of the many boxes of diapers, we will let you know.

UPDATE (5/24/2022): We have reached our goal of $1000 for Operation Wipeout. Your donations will make a difference to struggling military families at MCAS Beaufort in need of diapers. We will now order the diapers of various sizes for a delivery date of June 24th. We still need your donations to go toward Operation Wipe Out 2023.

UPDATE (6/24/2022): Post 205 Members Dave Robbins, Bruce Kaiser, Courtney Peeples and Bill Cubley delivered 3,268 diapers to MCAS, Beaufort. Another successful program by American Legion Post 205. Please click on the link to the Operation Wipeout page for information and photos.

UPDATE (6/22/2023): We have reached our goal of $1000 for Operation Wipeout. Your donations will make a difference to struggling military families at MCAS Beaufort in need of diapers. We will now order the diapers of various sizes for a delivery date in August. We still need your donations to go toward Operation Wipe Out 2024.

UPDATE (7/22/2023): The diapers that were ordered have arrived and are in a secure location ready to be delivered by Commander Robbins and the Diaper Brigade. We are delivering 4,380 diapers of various sizes to struggling military families in MCAS Beaufort and Parris Island.

UPDATE (7/28/2023): The 'Diaper Brigade' jumped in to action and delivered 4,380 diapers of various sizes  to MCAS. Commander Dave Robbins, Vice Commander Courtney Peeples and Webmaster Bruce Kaiser presented the donation of diapers to struggling military families at MCAS. (Pictures to follow)

David A Robbins, Chairman, Operation Wipeout

Immediate Past Commander
Dennis J. Becker Post 205 - American Legion
P.O. Box 2376 – Bluffton, S.C. 29910

Thank you for your membership!
Paul Reinhard
First Vice Commander, Membership Chairman
American Legion Post 205
Web Site – www.

Michael Miranda


Military Birthdays

Army: 14, June 1775

Navy: 13 October 1775

Marines: 10 November 1775

Air Force: 18 September 1947

Coast Guard: 4 August 1790

​Merchant Marines: 15 March 1938

​Space Force: 20 December 2019


  • Congratulations to Past Commander Dave Robbins who agreed to step in a take over Commander duties for Steve Robillard who resigned due to health reasons.
  • The next Monthly Members Meeting is Tuesday, October 3, 2023 at Rose Hill Club House Meeting Room. 1 PM Meet and Greet (Lunch available), Meeting at 2PM in meeting Room.
  • The next Monthly Officers Meeting is Thursday, September 28, 2023 at Rose Hill Oakwood Terrace Meeting Room at 1pm (1300 hours).
  • Next Vet Cafe' Friday, September 29, 2023 at Sprenger Health Care,10:30
  • PAY YOUR DUES!!! UPDATE!! Please see Paul Reinhard's message below for details. 
  • BUY A BRICK!! Memorialize a veteran family member with an inscribed brick to be placed in the Veterans Memorial. Click on the Blue Veterans Memorial button below to bring you to the page with the application form.
  • The 'Diaper Brigade' was in action, August 28th delivering 4,380 diapers in various sizes to MCAS (Over 1000 more than last year). Pictures to follow.

Paul Reinhard

1st Vice Commander

Membership Chairman