In Celebration

On February 3, 2021 a declaration was made at the Veterans Memorial in Bluffton by Mayor Sulka. That day was to be Four Chaplains Day. A ceremony was held where religious leaders gave speeches in honor of the Four Chaplains who gave their lives so that others may live. In 1988 Congress declared February 3rd as Four Chaplains Day. Nationally, over 1,600 American Legion Posts celebrate by conducting interfaith services, ceremonies or other solemn events.

From The American Legion Magazine / January 2021

Wreath presented at Four Chaplains Ceremony

Four Chaplains Presenters (2/3/21)

(From Left to Right)

Steve Robillard - Sargent of Arms, Post 205, Host

Don Young - Post Flag Bearer, Post 205

Reverend Christine Herrin (Presbyterian)

Reverend Dr. Jon Black (Methodist)

Deacon John Crapanzano (Roman Catholic)

Mayor Lisa Sulka

Rabbi Brad Bloom (Jewish)

The Four Chaplains

Proclamation honoring Four Chaplains Day