'Brick Heroes' is page on our website that is dedicated to honoring all our veterans, those that are with us, those who have passed on, including those who made the ultimate sacrifice defending God and Country. They are honored at the Bluffton Veterans Memorial by the Town of Bluffton, Post 205 and especially the efforts of the Auxiliary Unit 205. The families honor the veterans by purchasing an inscribed brick that is placed at the Memorial site which help defray the cost of the construction of the Veterans Memorial Site.

Every brick has inscribed a 'hero' on it, thus, they are 'Brick Heroes'. If you wish to further honor a 'Brick Hero' this page will gladly allow your story and pictures to be posted on their Brick Hero Page. The only requirement is that the 'Hero' has a brick purchased. The form is available...

American Legion Post 205

Bluffton, South Carolina

Brick Heroes