Legion Accomplishments


  1. Pushed for a Federal Veterans Bureau that became the forerunner of today's Department of Veterans Affairs
  2. Began sponsoring Boy Scout troops
  3. Drafted the first flag code in 1923
  4. At the forefront of efforts to gain a constitutional amendment to protect the Flag from physical desecration
  5. Drafted the original GI Bill of Rights
  6. Championed the GI Bill of the 21st century
  7. Established a youth baseball program in 1925 where 65 percent of professional baseball players today got their start
  8. Created Boys State and Boys Nation
  9. Fosters a greater understanding of the U. S. Constitution through a High School Oratorical Scholarship Program
  10. Spoke out as early as 1966 about the fate of American POWs and MIAs in Vietnam
  11. Was the largest single financial contributor to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington
  12. Raised over 4.5 million dollars for the World War II Memorial
  13. Took the federal government to court for its failure to pursue the effects of agent orange on Vietnam Veterans
  14. Formed the "Family Support Network" to assist families of service men and women
  15. Formed a special task force to assist Persian Gulf Veterans and their families for undiagnosed illnesses
  16. Presented Congress with a dramatic new plan to reform and revitalize the VA health care system by calling for the VA to accept Medicare and opening it up to all veterans
  17. Offers free advice and representation on VA benefits and claims
  18. Fought for veterans benefits; a strong military; moral upbringing of this nation's youth; a strong national defense; Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation; children and youth Americanism

Since its inception in 1919, The American Legion has stood at the forefront of efforts to enhance patriotism and Americanism at all levels of society.  For example, The American Legion: