Nathan M. Wolfe Law Cadet Academy

Nominations for the Nathan M. Wolfe Law Cadet Academy are due on May 1, 2018. Steve Robillard, 240-271-0450,, is the post coordinator for this event. More details can be seen at this websites Cadet Academy page.

This page contains items of interest to the post that are of a temporary nature. Events will also show on the calendar, but more information or flyers may be obtained here. If you have an event that you think would be of interest to members of the post, let the webmaster know via email.

Upcoming Events

Friends and Family Get Together

Every three months we hold a Friends and Family Get Together at a convenient location with a popular activity. Our last Friends and Family Get Together was an outing to Station 300 Bowling Center on Saturday, February 17, 2018. The next Get Together will be a Savannah Banana's baseball game, July 17th at 7:05 pm. Cost of the game is $15.00. This includes all you can eat hot dogs, hamburger, chicken sandwiches, water, soda, popcorn and dessert. A limited number of tickets are available so members and immediate family only for this event. Call Art Ranta, 843-757-7918, to reserve your seat. Contact Mike Miranda, 843-304-1514,, with your suggestions for future events and to offer help.